Thursday, August 15, 2013


Scheduled post! I'm at work now. Obviously :)

Some random photos before I go into the main topic. lol lol

Firstly, the best mint chocolate in the world. No, I mean, the best chocolate ever. 
Not necessarily in a christmas tree shape. haha. but Aero's mint chocolates are the best! 
It's not super heavy rich until you feel 'jilat' yet rich enough to be awesome and the mint chocolate part, slurps. 

So, I got new contact lenses and it doesn't look nice on coloured pictures. 
So... Pudding camera black and white. LOL. hahahah

then, I realized that my the colour resembles the Ben10 pillow case. HAHA

Here are the GetGlue stickers I got again! XunXian brought it back for me and UiTee collected them for me. More like I send it to his house all the time. hahah.
Let me explain, they only send the stickers to USA, and it's FREE. 
So you just check in movies and shows when they are on. 
I collected quite a lot, some repetitive though because I used different accounts to get them.

NICE RIGHT? teeehee <3

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