Wednesday, September 18, 2013

130823 Day 6 Gulang Island

Gulang island. It was the most interesting and beautiful place that I have been to throughout the whole week, but guess what, we had to do treasure hunt there and I did not have time at all to take any pictures. 
But just to give you an idea, the buildings were so nice. All the architecture were built by Spain, Holland and Portugal.
And there are so many shops and things to shop! TOO BAD NO TIME -___-
They ask us to go back too early but it was raining as well so oh well...

 before heading out for the day.

 Malaysia team

 all of us girls!

 the men/boys team 

Jia Wei and I. haha

 and also, my team won the treasure hunt! haha

 squeezed like sardines also don't mind..

 at least I got pictures from the ferry..

We then went to Karaoke at night and I have to say the karaoke room is like a private club of our own. Spacious and the light effects were actually adjustable. Pretty amazing.  

the fruit plate.


 Not gonna post the rest of the photos for the night here. haha. too much craziness. 

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