Saturday, September 21, 2013

130824 Day 7 Xiamen, China

missed out this picture in the previous posts. bought some rings for 10rmb. 
told you the island was one of the easiest place to shop in Xiamen as everything is expensive elsewhere. The people who lives there told me they buy things on taobao instead -.- lol. 

one night where I cooked mee and enjoyed the super big tv.

last day in the morning after breakfast. Can't be bothered to go out. Weather was too hot. Chilled in the hotel until it was time to go to the airport. 

big boss. haha

Nicola and I 

now pics from phone!

dinner noms noms with Directors. cannot take pictures with camera.... too weird. haha

every morning complimentary breakfast. excited for the first day because it's buffet. got bored after the 3rd day but still insists on waking up early to yam cha. hahaha

little girl chasing around and stepping on the projection fishes in the lobby.

saw all these interesting drinks! it was so niceee. I bought Peach. the pink Park Min Young one. sorry lah Jang Geun Suk. haha

in the imported cookies area. spot Malaysia!

breakfast again. literally ate waffles and muffins everyday. 
bacon too oily :3

even ate ice cream early in the morning just because. haha

yay finally ended the China posts! 

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You have such a cute blog!

P.S. Your yummy food photos are making me hungry :)

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