Monday, October 07, 2013

130905 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 1

I was really excited to start blogging about this. 
It may not be the best holiday I have ever had, but definitely a good break and made me felt like a student again, after going into the working life for almost 1 month plus at that time. (2 months plus already now, how time flies...)

Another thing that made me super excited about this trip, was the fact that I'm gonna be enjoying cool weather! Instead of the crazy hot weather in Xiamen that sucked all my mood out. lol. 
Was at the airport early in the morning to transit at KLIA and then directly to Perth. 

 Taking Malaysia Airlines. Happiest part, so much food to eat during the long plane ride. I had Magnum ice cream on my way there. hoho. and I watched a baseball movie which I forgot the name by now. And also watched a lot of  TheCarrie Diaries episodes. I watched The Great Gatsby on my way back! There are more stories on my flight back. Never seem to take a flight without things happening. lol. I will blog about it in the last day post. 

Forgot to mention that my flight got delayed at KLIA because there were people who got stuck in a jam on the highway to the airport due to an accident, including crew members. Hence we had to wait for them for an hour plus. my god -.- So I reached Perth an hour late and Lion's friend, Sam could not pick me up. 
I went to Vodafone, got myself a sim card, just to find out that the sim slot on my phone was spoiled. Even my digi sim card could not be read anymore. dang. I was left out of reach in the middle of the airport. 

Thanks to China sim card. Where they cut the nano sim on my micro sim and somehow it made the gold reader chip senget. So, becareful okay when you see an already cut nanosim on your micro sim, slot it in properly. 

Anyhow, that's that, my mood was ruined. Got a cab, costed me 46AUD to reach the hotel. Heartbroken when I converted the cost... (little did I know, this will not be the first cost conversion heartbreak. haha) Anyway, the cab driver said I could use his phone to call my friend, so I called Lion and then Ken and Janet came to meet me at the hotel. 

Okay, the somewhat moodless me forgot to take pics of the hotel exterior. I think I have pics of it from the next few days.. not too sure.. 

My favourite transportation system ever. In every country that has a subway/train, I am a happy girl. Somehow, I'm good with maps and the subway systems. So I love them! I got to explore a lot of my own during the trip.
Hong Kong, NYC. Not KL, Malaysia's transportation system is inconvenient to the max. 

 Ken and Janet and I below.

We went to Leederville to meet up with the rest of my ex-classmates and some who were already studying there for their final year. 
fyi, they went Perth a few days earlier than me, and leave a few days later than me. Because no work commitments. sigh, jealous much. 

 Carlyn, Laykiew, Lion's cousin and Lion. 

 Little Caesars pizzeria

  Got a random guy who were sitting beside us to take the photo for us. and guess what.
I saw this guy's friend at the subway at Perth city station on my last day in Perth. I recognized him because he was sitting opposite me. 
Crazy or what. right? haha. 

Mudhoney!! Can I eat this again! ahhhh

 Seems like a nice place!

A lot of vintage shops along the streets. 

We got back to the hotel which is strategically located beside Esplanade Train Station and bus station. So convenient. Literally next to it. Hence, also made my holiday a lot more awesome. haha

 The train station entrance.

 Ernst and Young next to it too. Look so glam. Looks even more awesome when in the morning, I see office workers walking in to work.

 I felt like we did not fully utilize everything in the hotel apartment. Because look, omg I should bake a cake or something. hahaha

or buy some microwaved food to eat.

Since there are so many pics already, let me end this post here and continue in the next. Heh :D
Forgot to mention, the weather was around 15celcius to 20 during the day time. 
And around 9celcius at night. So perfect I can't even. haha. 


Ken said...

Erm... not too sure about this but did i meet you before? LOL, i was one sem ahead of you, but i did my final sem in Perth too. I think some of them in your photos are seem quite familiar to me... ken ban?

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha err... I don't know who you are. but feel free to msg me on fb :)
Yup that's ken ban. haha