Saturday, October 26, 2013

130906 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 3

Day 2.

I woke up early to head out exploring before going to Curtin to get our graduation regalia. 
 View from the balcony.
Loved the morning serenity and the buses starting their day from the central bus station nearby.

 I'm a building kind of person. I love cities.
Love these buildings but have yet to figure out the perfect way to capture architectures. 

Perth Convention Exhibition Centre. Directly opposite where we were staying. lol. 
So convenient during our graduation day. 

Convention Centre on the left. Our Adina Apartment Hotel is on the right. 
Pardon me for taking random photos like these but there has to be someone who takes non-tourist pictures right? haha

Outside the convention centre walking over to the Esplanade bus and train station.

The free bus, CAT system. Super convenient. 

 Early in the morning, we headed to Perth city. 
I was glad we made that morning trip when everyone was busy heading to work and school that we managed to have a glimpse of the city without much crowd. I even went to explore the tiny streets and back roads, talk about fearless... The place was just too serene and peaceful to feel like there are some psychopathic killers out there. LOL

Though the shops don't open this early apart from breakfast shops and fast food, I pinpointed all the shops I want to go to and came back later in the afternoon. haha

Reminds me of Premium Rush. 
The people take buses or ride their cool bicycles to work. There are special bicycle tracks too. I think I took a picture of it. 

 This really fascinated me. The Coca Cola guy looked so happy while unloading his coco colas. hahah

I found a tiny city map. I stay at The Esplanade and the two main so called happening city streets are in blue. Hay Street and Murray Street. And you can work to Wellington and King St. from there. So I practically just wandered around these streets in the morning. 

Was so happy to find Foot Locker and then was so down when I went there in the afternoon. All the shoes are so expensive. Basically, nothing shopping related is cheap in Australia once you converted the currency. I think no shopping in the world beats the US :/

General Post Office

It's because it was 7.30 am that time. Hence, no one. And allows me to take pictures so freely with no photobombs. loll

The Perth Cactus
lol lol.

School girls. Their school uniforms are so niceee. Apart from the green ones, I also saw navy blue ones and another colour I forgot. I remember there were 3 types of different uniforms from different schools. haha. 
And they hang out shopping, eating, drinking after school in their pretty uniforms. So much fun. 

Alright. Please feel my sincerity even though this post is not very long. lol. I edit the colours picture by picture to experiment on different photoshop actions and acr presets so... it takes a lot of my time and also the pictures are all edited differently. LOL
I know different computers have different colour displays so if the lack of consistency in colours of my pictures affected you, I apologize....

I took a lot of photos that day and this is not even one quarter of it.... Will update again soon!

In the mean time, this dance practice video of SHINee is so awesomeee.
This choreography looks so fun! The dance starts around 1:55

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wow nice photos.. i still didnt get to go australia yet.. and yeah love 90s! =D