Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Padini Stylista Contest 2013

Style #1.

I actually went to Padini last week and tried on that cropped sweater. It's totally me, the sweater girl. 
And of course, the very bold must-haves, striped trousers. Match it optionally with a belt to carry a more casual look. Step up the look with a translucent shoulder bag with studs and a diamante encrusted ring. I love the ringggg. Instant chic look effortlessly. Complete the look with a simple sandal with stud detail. Studs will not go out of fashion in near time. Definitely a key piece.

The more casual laid back look. 
A blouse with lace collar that doesn't come off as too plain. Also, a pair of denim shorts that matches with everything. A must have in your closet. Comes with a belt! What more to ask?
The bracelet stack completes the look so it does not look too casual and still capable of being fashionable. As for the bag, the tote bag is big enough for me to put my camera and all my essentials for a casual day when I feel like taking photos. 
The cap-toe pump with stud detail looks perfect with its dark blue texture. And of course, studs!

I thought it would be fun assembling pieces from the Padini Trend Book

And I was right, haha never did I know I was able to put my photoshop skills to use in this way. 

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