Friday, October 18, 2013

The Heirs gif

This will be a fangirl gif images post. Trust me, I have to. You will understand after you watch this drama. 
For subtitle links, scroll down. 

I can give you a thousand things I love about this drama but there is one main point apart from my love for all the actors and actresses. The best thing about this drama is that it is not draggy! 
How many dramas can the guy and the girl have so much sparks and chemistry since episode 1. omg. 

Everyone should go watch The Heirs/ The Inheritors already.
Don't judge and think this is like every rich-characters-packed drama.
I honestly don't know which drama can pack so much awesomeness in the first 4 episodes. haha.
Not to mention their perfect hair on all the good looking casts.
Best casts ever.
The perfect hair. OMG. too much hair perfection on koreans especially korean men. 

I love Krystal and MinHyuk couple. Krystal is so bubbly!!

Love MinHyuk and ShinHye's BFF friendship too. so cutee.

Subtitles: english subtitles here <--
Chinese subtitles go look for 继承者们 qvod or dailymotion links here: Part 1, Part 2
I suggest if you know chinese, watch the chinese ones. Chi subtitles is always better than english subtitles for korean dramas.

The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bears The Crown - The Heirs

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