Saturday, November 23, 2013

130906 130907 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 7

Continuation post.
Still taking my own sweet time filtering and colour editing the pictures. lol lol
When this post is up, I will be at my little getaway over the weekend.

Selfie in the morning because the light and the weather is so perfect. same jacket everyday hence it's all selfies in same angle, same red jacket. haha

 Perth city in the afternoon. Shopping time. 

  The man knew I was taking pictures but he just chilled. haha. too cool to bother.

 and he fits in just nice.

 They have a lot of underground stores. This is one of them. I want all the shoes in thereeee. But they are all so much more expensive after currency conversion that I don't feel it's worth buying shoes in Aussie at all :(

 shaky because I took this sneakily

 so many pretty vans. 

and NBs!

found this pair of boots for 30aud after buying a pair of vintage boots.. But honestly this one was so much more comfortable. 

 Street performer performing. I actually took a video of him dancing around and interacting with the people standing around him. So funny and entertaining. Will probably upload the video one day. heh

 Radio broadcast.

 Navy school uniform!

 Forrest Place. Running around playing in the water before the water shoots up. haha

Wearing the new vintage boots. hehe :D

Randomly walked past a store which sells Kpop!!! omg haha

And the funny thing is people actually queue up for Boost?! lol

love love love.

A lot of architecture photos below! Enjoy! As I really liked these pics :D

Perth Underground station

I love this picture.

Took the train to Harbour Town. It's like an outlet sort of place where everything is discounted. But I still have trouble finding things that is actually worth buying... Their discounted converse there, the normal plain coloured ones are like 50aud, more expensive than Msia :O

While walking from train station to Harbour Town, we saw this. This is so weirddd. It's as if someone was trying to climb up and just vanished. Leaving the shoes there just like that. 

So this is one the most overwhelming stores in Harbour Town, I forgot what is this store called but everything is on sale from Roxy, Billabong and every Australian brand I guess.

Following day, the morning of my convocation, I woke up super early wanting to go outside before attending my convocation. I didn't want to waste any time for sleep. lol. Never understand why people want to sleep so much during vacation anyways. 

This was stunning. I didn't notice this corner at all. It's sort of next to Ernst & Young I think, while I was walking to the station from the hotel. 

This is the view up close from the pic above.
7am in the morning.
Unfortunately, it started raining after that. I took the train and randomly jump down at any stations that I think looked interesting. However, as it was drizzling, I only can stop at the stations with shades, take a few pics and carry on. But I have to say, even if I didn't get down from the train, the view along the ride was interesting. I saw how residential areas were like, random buildings, people etc.

Esplanade Train Station

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Anonymous said...

You have so many shoe photos :D And they're so awesome. It's like Perth is filled with people with nice shoes.

One of these days will have to visit this place to see if it's really filled with nice shoes.