Saturday, November 02, 2013

130906 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 4

I'm not sure if you are starting to get bored of my Australia posts already, but I still insist on sharing. hahaha. Plus, editing these photos make me happy. 
If you are a nature/beach person, then well... you will have to wait a few more posts to see beach photos. 
But I'm a city person so... 

I took these pictures while I was exploring the city in the morning. 

I like how it felt like the city was waking up, people starting their day, buying their breakfast.

I wanted to buy breakfast like them too, but I cannot bring myself to buy a piece of bread for more than RM10. 

We got a breakfast set from Hungry Jack's and I felt happier because there's hash brown, a burger and a cup of hot chocolate. Talk about poor kids. Okay laa.. not so pathetic but you get the idea. I rather spend the money somewhere else. 

Construction site

The main Perth Underground Station entrance and exit.

I really liked the streets and architecture there.

 on King Street

 While exploring, I found this wall. 
Have to take a picture of course. haha

 Scroll down and you will know how far inside I have walked into. lol

 Literally walking into people's backyard...

These "boxed" wastes are quite cool. haha

Behind this building was something I didn't expect.. more graffiti? lol

Went into a convenient store to get some snacks and found Mint Aero!!
I didn't know they have it in Australia. It was 2AUD each. 
It's hands down the best chocolate ever. Aunt and cousin usually get them from UK for us when they come back to visit. 

mindblown at this. 
I don't know what is this called? it's like an extended bus, the total length is like two buses in one, I couldn't fit it in my frame and it was moving. I quickly snapped a pic when I saw it. 
The next day, I actually went on one of these buses without knowing -.-
I sat down and saw the middle partition then only I realized. 

 didn't notice the flare until now. Spot the bicycle riders. 
Another thing is that the pedestrian traffic leaves me panicking all the time, because it changes so fast.

 The cool designated bike track I was talking about. 

I tend to like photographing people more when I'm in another country for some reason... Maybe it's because I feel relaxed, or their different attire due to the weather. That was the time I was hoping that I have a 180mm or something.. 

I tried taking photos of strangers' shoes but then it wasn't really successful. Thanks to my loud shutter..

Also, I felt like my DSLR is getting heavier or I'm getting older. lol. Maybe it's my Tamron lens. It's starting to strain my neck and shoulders so much especially when I'm travelling that I feel like investing in a small camera like the Fuji X100s. 
I still have the tiny wish that I can carry pretty small handbags but not backpacks when I'm exploring cities. 

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