Sunday, November 10, 2013

130906 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 5

Students in super nice uniforms getting on their bus which goes direct to their school. 
And I think it's because they go to school later than us, like 8 something, they look so cheerful, energetic and bubbly. When we go to high school back in the days, having to wake at 6am everyday, how to bubbly. hahah

the long bus again!

the bus station in the city center

Ken buying breakfast

people starting their day.

Barrack Square. Beside Swan River. 
We took the Blue CAT and went there to enjoy the view, eat our hungry jack's, take some pictures and took the next bus back. haha 

more students. how to not love their uniform colour.

the very cool transperth bus on water? is it a bus... okay what is it called actually? 

The Bell Tower

Never would I thought that I will want to sit under the sun. lol. perfect cool + warm under the sun.

breakfast moment while waiting for the bus

Finally, back to the esplanade station.  
and finally, I have posted all photos before heading to Curtin Uni to grab our graduation robes and photo taking session. Next post will be us in regalia posing here there everywhere.


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