Thursday, November 14, 2013

130906 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 6

This post doesn't have much interesting things apart from a lot of pictures of us in our graduation regalia. It wasn't our real graduation day yet but everyone will be taking photos at Curtin University beforehand. 

Our official graduation is on the next day at Perth Convention Center. 
Felt like celebrities with so many cameras around but super tiring and hungry.

Ai-Lynn and I

 Ai-Lynn, me and Ken

 Ai-Lynn, Yi Lynn, Sze Min, Janet, Ewe Juan, Ken, Lion, LayKiew, Carlyn and I

so many pictures of us..... haha

 LayKiew and Carlyn being Harry Potter

 Lion being Lion.

 Lion, me, Carlyn and LayKiew

by now, I bet you are already bored of the pictures.. you may skip this blog post. haha
ShunMu and WeiZhe


 Finally, photo session ended. Off we go for lunch. 

 Chicken Rice at a place called Chili's I think... It's one of the cheapest food there. 5aud. but honestly, I mean... I really miss Malaysia's chicken rice at that very moment.

Stealing a picture at a random guy's kicks. 

 On the way back into the city!

 Walking back to the Apartment. 

My graduation ticket :D

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