Sunday, November 17, 2013

130911 Penang Heritage Khoo Kongsi

Heritage walk day with my team :)

Win Nee joined us as well. :D 

my team. really grateful to have a team of wonderful people working together. they help me and guide me so muchhh. 

Khoo Kongsi. 
Still impressed by the details of the buildings, the wall art, everything! I mean how did those people back then can carve in such detail. I went there a long long time ago, when Penang wasn't declared as a heritage site yet.

My pictures do not do the wall art justice.... It was too high up, difficult to take. or maybe I no skills... haha


The inside. 

 We went to China House for teatime, and we chilled upstairs.

 haha very paiseh... the cakes all looked like that already when I start taking pictures.

 Look at her long hand and fingers. 
pro memang.

We also had a steamboat a few days after.

 so hungry looking at this pics...

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