Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Productivity App: Mobizen

So I woke up on a Saturday morning and thought, can I map exactly my phone screen to my pc to use, so while I'm using the computer, I don't have to constantly pick up my phone to use apps like whatsapp, aldiko etc. 

I googled as usual and went through forums and found this. MOBIZEN
How is this app not famous?! I have to introduce this to everyone because this app is the bomb!

I used to have apps that only let you use gallery, media, youtube etc from phone to pc and tv. but this app literally let you use everything. 

All you have to do is get the app on your android phone and get the software on your PC. then wolla, it can be connected either through WiFi or Cable. It looks super cool when you use it on your pc and your phone turns on and work on its on like Screen Sharing at work. haha

instructions are all in the app but giving you the link here so you can have a look

Forgot to mention, this app is also super sensitive. no lag! cannot believe this. lol. 

1.  Access notification everywhere. 
You only log in with email and password and you can access your phone within the same wifi network already (or with cable). So imagine charging your phone elsewhere and still being able to access every whatsapp on your phone. teehee. 

2.  Able to drag files directly into your phone on your PC screen. This is magical. so awesome. 

3.  Screen recording! This will definitely be useful for people who want to record their candy crush how they break through their level or something. lol. 

4. Backup and restore. It's a built in function. Though I won't use it, will use kies instead.

 So it is exactly how your phone looks like, just that, well I guess they prefer to put Note 2 as a white phone...
The virtual buttons work exactly the same. eg the home button, option button, back button.

Scrolling through instagram out of excitement although unnecessary because there is Instagram for Chrome which works exactly the same.

This is how it looks like when your phone is on sleep mode.

Best part: typing on keyboarddd. 
I will definitely remember to use this if I'm debating on whatsapp, so I can type faster and less strain on fingers on my keyboard than on my phone.

so the weird two buttons on the left, I tried clicking and it's volume. LOL. controlling volume on your phone from pc. cute. 

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