Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Random Photos

Random photos taken with my phone.

Gonna put this post in before I continue my updates with the Perth photos. 

Nasi Kandar at work. The whole reason why I gained weight when I started working is because the transition from nothing much to eat at home everyday while on holidays -> cheap and large variety of food. particularly unhealthy food. lol lol

forgot the name of this place! 
It's at The One.

Khunthai almost every week during that time :O
with team members

the holes still creep me out, but trying to overcome that fear...

Another restaurant at The One which I forgot the name of. nah don't go there anyway.

pattern pattern

it's been a long long time since I ate tom yam T_T

I wanted to buy this bottle so badly! The only downside is because of the cover. It's meant for kids. meh.

was shopping with mum one random night and saw 张震岳. loll

The sky at the factory area is always super clear. probably because there's no tall buildings there.

 I see airplanes everyday. yesterday I even saw a grey jet. so cool!
but this is one of the coolest times where the plane flew so low...

 Cafeteria food.... I don't eat so much anymore lol. 
Starting to try to eat healthy because it's just ridiculous, ate too much chicken, sausages, chicken chop, fries...

Even if my day ends well, once I get into the jam, my happy mood all gone.

Walking past the outdoor cafeteria area everyday. Never once sat out there... air con is a must. lol lol

Starbucks moment


walk very far ahhh everyday. but at least got parking lah... still.

my very pretty flats.

 Kherly's baby boys who came over my house to play. haha

 Every flavour is awesomeee. I tried in NewYork.
but Chunky Monkey is meh. don't like!

 bought this so my sister could try. 
I miss having Ben & Jerry's at like 3usd 

 hi pororo

bat sweater from Zara. wore this once to work and got teased as batman -.-

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