Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Whenever I come across a really good book, or when I'm halfway through a good book, I can't help but think, why do some people don't read books. 
Then again, it brings me to think about personal preferences. 

For the past week, a lot of topics came up during lunch and as we all have very strong  preferences with our personal opinions then I realized the conflict between our thoughts. There is no right or wrong, just shows that how different everyone is. My inspiration to write this blog post comes after reading the Introduction part of Ender's Game. You will understand if you read it. 

I went to watch Thor 2 alone because I wanted to take the advantage of student price and also because everyone has watched it while I was busy during the quarter closing week. I just couldn't wait to match any other people's schedule anymore. But then, a few of them thinks that watching movie alone is just a sad thing. I personally never thought it's a weird thing to do, try it once and see, trust me no one looks at you differently if you watch movie alone, eat alone or go shopping alone for that matter.

My argument point was that, you don't need to talk to anyone when you watch a movie. Just like when you are hungry, you will go get food alone if no one else is hungry, right? So, if you have been waiting to watch that movie for a long time, and you can't wait for everyone's schedule, you watch it. I think what's sad is, having a movie you want to watch, no one can accompany you, and you don't watch it. :S

However, we are all different people, some capable of living alone, some choose not to. I think at the end of the day, being yourself is what matters. 

The battle of Hello Kitty and Marvel heroes. 
Boy/girl perception.

So, I'm not the most girlish girl you will ever meet, I think I'm boyish sometimes but I still have my girlish side. Like, I may have a thing for certain cute prints, girlish patterns, pretty clothes etc. (the fact that my body doesn't make me look pretty in pretty clothes is another story. haha) 
Then there are the girls who like Hello Kitty which I can never understand why. Then again, they don't understand my excitement over sci-fi, robotics, technology and superheroes. And think I'm a "boy". 

Back to the same conclusion, we are all very different people, in general, in this world, if you think the models who look so smoky hot and gorgeous are truly girlish girls, I'm not sure about that, because whenever I see model off duties pictures, they wear the coolest boyish clothes all the time. 
So I guess the moral of the story is, don't judge someone from what they like, they might have a totally different character inside. 

This wasn't a debatable topic during lunch. But this is still something I feel strongly throughout my teenage-hood. It's about reading. I find it hard to understand from another pov, but I really would like to know why some people don't read. 
Maybe you just haven't found a book that interests you. 

I love reading fiction since I was a kid. Thanks to my parents for getting me my first Enid Blyton book, so precious. I also like reading motivational books back then, but only from certain authors.
I think it's safe to say that I like stories, that is why I love watching movies, series, read up on interesting topics etc.

It's quite ironic that when I go overseas, everyone seems to be reading while waiting. eg: on the plane, on the sub, on the grass. lol. I hardly see people holding books or kindle here, but you will definitely see it in western countries. 

And whenever I finish reading a nice book, the first thing I think of is, the people who don't read are missing out on such a great story. Some emotions, you will only feel them from books, not remake-movies.
But don't get me wrong, I don't like reading our textbooks back in high school. lol. However, I'm fine with reading anything that is interesting. 

I also want to congratulate you that, if you never liked reading a storybook or never finish reading one (this is what I hear the most from friends), you still finished this super long wordy blog post of mine :)

So go get a book, and start reading!

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