Tuesday, December 03, 2013

130907 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 8

To revive my blog from the dead, here are a few more pictures. 
I don't know how and why I never gave up on my blog, I have been writing this blog for 7 years it's crazy. LOL. 
I have a list of things to write about on my blog, randomly inspired by random things all the time, but let me get these Perth posts done and over with. (and my NYC posts is so long overdue I don't know if I should still write about it).... 

In continuation to the previous post, I went out on a rainy morning on my own to explore the outskirts. 

If you never tried travelling alone, you should do it, it feels different. Provided you are in a safe city.
I have been in planes and airports on my own so many times that every such trip felt like it's my own personal trip, even if I'm meeting up with friends at the destination.

Came across these two posts recently, 

Not all the reasons they stated are my reasons, but somehow yeah. Mainly I like the freedom and able to see what I want, photograph the things I want, talk to random people on the subway. and if it involves shopping, it sure does make your life easier without having to wait for another 5 friends in the fitting room. 

The downside, you will not have pictures of yourself apart from selfies. haha.

So the most preferable travel type is either with my family (then I don't need alone time, because they do know what I like to do) or with friends (but having maybe a short alone time period to explore what I want).

It was drizzling, the weather so dark, me without an umbrella in this super cold weather..
But I thought, why not enjoy the view even if I don't walk out of the train station, so I kept going until it's was about time to return for my convocation. 

A really cool pair of shoes on the train. 

then, the rain got heavier -.-

comics in the train station

I get down at train stations that I think is worth capturing and also, with a shade. so I won't get wet.

I wish Malaysia can be connected like this.. but I don't think it's possible.
Would probably need a revamp of the city or a whole new city plan or something. There's just no space.

I went back to the hotel and chilled at the balcony while waiting for the rest to come as the convention center where our graduation ceremony is at, is just directly opposite my place. Like 10 steps away. lolll

Changed into my penguin suit.

wolla. at the ceremony. 
thanks Ai-Lynn's sister for helping me take all the pictures below.

performance by native Australians.

that's me....

 a singer with a really powerful voice but that's not the best part.
The best part is the video projection behind that shows the pianist playing, the violinist playing, double exposure with the singer's face. all in live time. lol

 and the final moment.

 so there.. I graduated. I don't know if it's because I have already been working for 2 months before the graduation or because graduation is something predictable. I mean it's not a surprise. So there's no touchy feeling where I feel like oh, I have came this far. 
More like, I want to go back and be a student because there's no semester break when working. hahaha

Lion with her bear and balloons.

Lion, Zhu Lian and I

 so glad she came!

 After having short refreshments after the ceremony, which I must mention, the muffins were so good, chicken puffs were good, in short, the food was good. I made sure to eat enough so I won't need lunch. hahaha

 After that, Zhu Lian and I went to the city to take the bus.
Off to Kings Park after that! 

 Kings Park is one of my favourite places in Perth. Or maybe it is solely my favourite place there. 
Because if shopping doesn't work (everything is too expensive), then I prefer this place. So serene. Probably because of the weather. But it was so perfect. I swear if I live there, I will go to this place so often, grab a book and hot chocolate, enjoy the quiet peace there. 
This place is just too pretty and beautiful. I love how I can still see the cities from there. Just like Central Park. Put me in a park covered with trees, I will not like it. 

So beautiful. 

 Zhu Lian's tourist shot. haha

 my favourite place, the Kaarta Gar-Up Lookout at the park. 
Zhu Lian was afraid of heights but she still took this picture with me <3
Perfect picture minus the photobomb. I actually didn't notice that time, if not we would have taken another picture.. 

Will have to stop here now. Need to study... If you are wondering why I still have to study when I'm already working, let's just say my job is not solely work only. It's not simple, but I'm enjoying it so far. :D

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