Friday, December 13, 2013

130907 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 9

These posts will have all pictures I took at Kings Park. 
So beautiful! So serene! No need much caption, enjoy the pictures!
Until today, I still miss the weather and the relaxing mood I felt there.

happy Zhu Lian!

two cute boys on scooters with their father. I love how the people there spend a lot of time with their family outdoors. but honestly, I would too if the weather here is as fine.

spotted a girl taking pictures of the flowers too

The flowers were really really beautiful because spring was coming!

hi kids!

War Memorial

kids trying to take a jump shot.
Flower time!

The purple and blue ones were in my opinion the prettiest ones. Because I have never seen such blue and purple flowers in my life!

Heading to the glass bridge.

 This was really a long walk... haha

 captured this really cute moment. 

One of the must go places listed on google in Perth is the Aviary. Spot the open roof bar thingy up there.

 at San Churro.

Zhu and I <3

 the group... heading to a gay bar, sort of I think. haha but I didn't go. Wanted to wake early to go to Fremantle and catch my afternoon flight.

and tada, I think I have one part left only. Which is the Fremantle post :)

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