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130908 Convocation Trip; Perth, Australia Part 10

So, the last and final part, not exactly as I planned because this post has much more pictures than I expected!
I want to post every picture that mean something, or looks nice, or portrays the place here in my blog because I started this off as a diary, a journal, and it still is to me, to remember what I have been through, where I went... 
And this is also why the Perth posts have so many parts, because I cannot possibly cover everything in 2 or 3 posts. 

I went to Fremantle on my last day, early in the morning so I wouldn't be late for my afternoon flight. It was a very quiet morning however a lot of people were taking the  train to Fremantle. Maybe because it was a weekend. I had so much fun observing the people on the train and listening to them, some of them even smiled at me. It was a long ride, about 45 minutes I think. 


 Fremantle Railway Station

The skater guys who were really happy and somewhat high in the morning.

So I walked following the people towards the city center on my own. It was so peaceful and quiet. Not much shops were opened yet so I took the opportunity to walk around and explore. 
There was even free wifi!

Fremantle Post Office

I was also choosing my breakfast shop because there were too many to choose from!

Secondhand Bookshop.

 Fremantle Technical School

To be honest, I kinda like this place. lol.

Decided to have breakfast at Benny's. Chose this over another shop where it's super cheap but there's no one. lol.

This was about 17AUD....
I couldn't finish it so I took it back to eat before I board the plane. 

Kids waiting outside for a game store with game machines in there to be opened.
So adorable.

I walked on to the Fremantle Market.

 In the market!

 Behind Fremantle market.

I got a glimpse of the football club from the outside. The gate was opened. I walked towards it... the guard didn't stop me.. so I walked inside. haha

 The grass was really a beautiful green and I remember it until now. The clouds looked so fluffy!

I sort of lost my way when I was walking back into the city. But okay not really, I was just walking towards the sea. lol. Not walking on the mainroad I guess, so I walked past some residential areas. Made me wish my house looks like that!

Beautiful flowers outside the houses.

Finally I reached the Skyview Wheel.

Sun was so bright eyes can't even open. 

 Boy with really cool blonde hair.

 Families chilling, hanging out.

I turned and walked towards the pier.

fingers tired of scrolling? we are about there.. hahaha

 Round House and Whaler's Tunnel

 The piano is located inside the tunnel, which I felt kind of creepy at first. The piano still works though the tune is slightly off.

 There are stairs that led the way up.

 Where there is this cannon and tiny green ground.

 I see beautiful kids and families playing around everywhere, probably why I love this place so much.

Back in the hotel and went to the airport.
I spent quite some time at the airport.

There was a group of ballet dancers which they plan on going to Beijing to participate in a ballet competition. I heard them talking about ballet, talking about where they gonna stay, no facebook, can't speak mandarin. hahah. I wasn't eavesdropping, I just so happen to sit next to them while waiting. 
And they attracted me from the moment we started queuing for check in, because the girls were so gorgeous oh my gosh, so tall and lean, and the guys, although look slightly girl-ish(some of them) but they were so good looking!

After that I went to the loo and when I came back my seat was gone, so I came and sat beside this cute little girl (points below). She didn't look at me nor talk to me at first, but after a small incident, which involves her tiny feet got stuck between seats and her mum was totally panicking and I helped, she started talking to me.

But sadly, I don't know if it's because her Australian accent was too thick or she's baby talking, I can't really understand her. She kept pointing to the planes, asked me why people are moving those bags, ask me who are those people. Some parts her mum translated for me. lol lol. Somehow the mum understands her (obviously). Haha

The two people in the top left are the ballet dancers I mentioned. There were about 15 of them, gorgeous people. So back to this little girl, spot her pink trolley bag, there's actually a bear in there, I forgot the bear's name but she took it out, hugged him, pushed him around and then when she wanted to put the bear back into the bag, she said she wanna let the bear go to sleep. aww so cuteee.

Another cute little girl walked past and got attracted to the bear she was holding. Her mum asked the little girl not to give her daughter the bear because she's afraid her daughter would not return it, but she gave it to her anyway, and later then she returned it. Such good and cute kids <3

This girl is so prettyyyy, couldn't get a face front shot of her, she's so tall and beautiful. 
When on the plane, she took her hair bun off and her hair was literally messy hot. such good genes :/

Super love this Mango ice cream bar on the plane. 
Btw, apart from the fact that a really hot british boy sat beside me on the plane, but stuck earphones in his ears for 6 hours, I found money in the washroom.

Yep, you read it right. I found 150AUD lying on the floor when I went in. There was this black guy in front of me so of course I assumed it was his, I asked the cabin crew to find him and return it because the lights were off and he walked towards the back of the plane, when I was sitting in front, so then, the cabin crew never came back to update me. 
I asked the air steward when he walked past, he said the black guy said it wasn't his, I said I'm pretty sure, the air steward said he will ask again, I checked with him again and he said nope again. I was starting to doubt my actions, if I did right, handing that money to the crew. 
I felt so unsettling because I was thinking, what if that Malaysian crew took the money, it's literally RM500+ lol. Then the announcement came to ask if anyone dropped money. When I was walking out of the plane, I asked again, the crew guy said no one claimed, they will donate it to charity, in that moment, I was thinking they probably gonna take the money and split among themselves already. But.. oh well. 
I believe in karma. 

-The End-

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