Friday, December 27, 2013

131019 Penang Dell Charity Run & Family Day

It was Dell Charity and Family Day! 
We had 2km, 5km run and bicycle ride which I didn't join because I was part of GenNext, helping to organize,being the road marshall. haha 

During the day, there were games, food, mascot, lucky draw.
Cut the crap, scroll down to the pictures! :D

I reached super early, 6am and went to Lalethaa's "zoo" cube to meet her. 
Look at all her cute toys.

 the cube beside her.. I don't know who is that but it was cute I had to!

 I forgot what is this called already! Lalethaa's living thing that is breathing inside this tiny bottle.

 Early in the morning with the GenNext peeps

Our MD, TL Goh

 I caught the gun shot moment! haha

 Look at the cute kids!!

 three of us, starting line and finishing line road marshalls.
Win Nee, Lale and I

 I told them I want to climb in there, but it will probably deflate. hahaha

Lale and I

 Airplanes departing as usual. 

 my four hot ladies in front. hahah

 Got myself this name tag bracelet for RM16 I think. It was for charity and it's so prettyyyy!
And my Michael Kors watch which was fixed because of one of the swarovski came out. thank god for warranty.

They were laughing at me when I wanted to take a pic with chipmunk. so cute lah okayyyy!


 Colleague's baby. Very confused because everyone was literally taking pictures directly in front. 

This was from a free photobooth in the booth next to us. haha

Kherly and her son. 

 hello little boy!

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