Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

2013 Recap (not in chronological order):
Will schedule this exactly a minute before 2014. haha.

1. Graduated in July. Attended convocation in Perth in Sept.

2. Went to Perth Australia for the first time.

3. Got a job at Dell under the Finance Development Program. Erm, okay not exactly.. got this job in 2012.
Rephrase: Started working in July.
Changed my name to an English nickname at work which is not shown in the pic below because this was my old cube and old name tag.

3. Went to Xiamen, China for FDP Bootcamp.

 4. Slept on the best bed on earth at Westin Xiamen, okay this one I had to! Seriously. I miss the bed.
Slept alone in a hotel room for the first time ever for one whole week. Best freedom feeling ever.

5. Went to Genting Highlands with family after years of not going there with family. Can't even remember the last time with them.  

6. Went to Colmar Tropicale. The last time was when I was 11 years old. 

7. Saw the whitest white swan I have ever seen in real life.

8. Participated various CSR initiatives with Dell.

9. Heritage walk with team.

 10. First swim after years on Christmas Day. Stopped back then due to increasing sensitive skin and fatness. Fatness still here, skin also sort of went haywire since that swim.

11. Attended various sponsored events and written those sponsored posts.

12. Travelled with sister to KL.

13. Bought new phone. - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

14. Bought the most expensive shoes I have ever owned. - Nike Air Revolution CityPack London Edition.
Also my first Air Rev. Most comfy shoes ever.
Video: http://instagram.com/p/h8XPgfEexd/

15. Went to Hatyai Thailand for the first time. Haven't blogged about it!

16. Won RM500 grand prize cash voucher from Padini by writing a blog post. Sister got it too, so we basically have RM1000. To the point where we cannot finish using it. But since expiry date is end of next year.. but let me know if you want, sell you cheaper than 100 for each. lol lol.

17. Collected all 8 Tesco Figurines (without the Thor which was released later). Never gotten a repeat. Which is crazy lucky.
Selling all the extras I got after these 8. Anyone wants Hulk? Lelong lelong RM10.

18. Embarrassing fact. Participated in the first flash mob in my life on Gulang Island, Xiamen, China lead by the China Dell FDP folks. The song is Gangnam Style....... this is why it is embarrassing. Thank god no youtube in China. Literally everyone was filming us, bet we are on youku or something -.- No pictures, never.

19. Bought my first Tamron lens. The 17-50mm f/2.8. Been serving me good so far.

20. Read 19 books.

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