Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas is over, just like that. 
I spent Christmas morning swimming/fooling around in the pool with my sister while my cousin and mum sat there taking ugly goofy photos of us. hahaha

 These are the few pictures I took, being really careful because I was so afraid - what if I drop my phone in the pool -__-

Spent my afternoon watching Man of Steel which in my opinion, it's a let down, disappointment. 
But oh well. 

Then mum, sis and I went to eat McD because honestly, we don't know what else to eat. haha. 

No Christmas post is complete without a cute christmas gif.

And of course no christmas is complete without rewatching The Santa Clause (1994) movie. 

click this I don't care. One of my favourite moments in the movie:

Watch The Santa Clause 1994 movie here:

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