Saturday, December 14, 2013


Jack and Finn could easily be my favourite youtubers because they are so creative, interesting, funny and let's face it, having two handsome faces to look at is better than one. LOLL

But the reason for me posting them here on my blog is because of their most recent video, The Rickshaw Run.
They will be posting a video every Monday for 4 parts if I'm not mistaken. The editing was so well done, kudos to the video editing team that they hired, which are also their friends.

Apart from that, I will be posting some of the videos I like of them here :D

I particularly like this one is because it's rare to have Finn alone in a full video! Since Jack is the chattier one and this is his main channel.

This one is really funny! And it's how I got to know about Tyler Oakley.

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