Tuesday, December 31, 2013


November randoms!
Just to clear off some pictures :D

Dad's Pegasus. too big for me. but still super nice rightt.

Bought my first varsity jacket! 
I never bought any before that even though I really wanted to because I didn't find one that I really really really like! I saw a lot of different materials mixture of varsity jackets on F21 website but they never appear in the store here. Like Pleather sleeves, heather sleeves etc.
This one have smooth sleeves and corduroy on the whole front and back. Super niceyyy. 

Forever21 premium jeans are the most comfy affordable kind of jeans :D

Tuna sandwich at Old Town.

Raja Uda Tomyam at Asia Cafe!!!
But I hate that thirsty feeling after that everytime. ugh. 

Fresh Bite Asian Fusion at One Precinct. 
Not too bad. :D

rawr rawr rawr.

TongPakFu Mango Snow Ice! My favourite!

And lastly, the best mee ever. In our family, we call it black mee. Cooked by my aunt. Best ever ahhhhh. 

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