Monday, December 16, 2013

September Random Photos

Mooncakes that dad brought back!

These have really unique boxes!

Swensens ice cream day with uncle, aunt, mum and sis. I'm craving for ice creammm!

and a very pattern me wearing my most comfortable Zara camouflage shirt!

Sis and I

On Cancer walk CSR day. with the FDPs

Win Nee so thinnnn!

Khunthai for dinner!

with the Gen Next team and committee!


found my old psp box. so much memories. but sadly, although my psp is still functioning very well, the battery dies too fast already.

found my first earphones for my Sony MD back then. MD was something that never become really big in Malaysia I think. but I was really proud of having it when other people are holding the big walkman disc player. loll!

this is exactly the model I had! I'm still keeping it with all the colourful square mini discs. Wait till I find them and I will show you! haha

nostalgic little things

haha look at the number of erasers and pens.

Pictures from a farewell lunch at Sakurajima Japanese & Chinese Restaurant . no pics of people becauseeeeee not sure if workmates want to be exposed. pretty sure not. haha

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