Friday, January 10, 2014

131119 A Day at The Movies

Quick post! 
It was a post-halloween event where the theme was "A day at the movies", along with charity event, dressing up the kids from the Home based on themes like Harry Potter, Despicable Me, Star Wars etc.

I was giving myself a headache for not knowing what to dress up as, then I went on google "Easiest Halloween Outfits". 
Katniss Everdeen came up. 
Okay, that's it, gonna get my mockingjay pin, boots and my baggy cargo pants. 
Mum even helped me make my bows and my cousin lent me her arrow. haha

I think next year I'm definitely going with a gun-holding character. Way cooler. 

Not gonna post a lot of pics although I have gotten a lot of pictures from the cameramen. 
Feels weird posting all my workmates here...  

 my fellow FDP mates with Lawrence and Gregg! 
The horse head on Gregg's head made me laugh so much. haha. Two supportive awesome leaders.

 Us with Tom G. Forever impressive dress up. 

Yu Juin being a really cute minion. And her nickname is minion since then....

My super cool FDP's advisor and director mentor. 

Nicola, me and Mey.

Super excited when we saw our ED dressed up as Buzz. 
Even crazier is that his outfit is DIY handmade. amazinggg. 

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