Thursday, January 16, 2014

131123 Hatyai Trip Part 2

Here we go Part 2!

Wanted to buy so many decos. But I didn't :(

 Regret eating this near the Market. The other shop next to this was so crowded, no place to sit so we went to this one. Obviously, no one = not nice. lol lol lol

Vintage thingies.

Thank god it stopped raining!

Back at the hotel for a short rest then head off to Lee Gardens. 
Aunts were so happy seeing the pots and pans being so cheap. Kitchen supplies basically.
I was happy to go and get myself more food. LOL

 at Hachiban Ramen.
If I remember the shop name correctly.
So worth it. Jjang!!
Super cheap and super nice! Where can I get such nice and cheap Japanese food here T_T

 This was so good!!

 Then, I saw Gelato Ice Cream. Way cheaper as well.
If I don't eat, I would probably leave in regret. lol. The flavours were super amazing as well.

 Lays and Divergent series 3rd book, Allegiant on the way back.
My stomach has grown too big ever since Hatyai, fat till now. Life like this. lol. Craving for food forever. 
I have no one to blame. hahaha

Tada! The end of my 2 days 1 night trip. :)

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