Tuesday, January 14, 2014

131123 Hatyai Trip Part 1

It was my first time to Thailand, believe it or not. 
Hence, first time to Hatyai too. It was quite a wonderful food trip, but I think.. I think if given another chance, having to take the van for that long ride, queue at the inefficient customs point and go all the way there again, I wouldn't.

Junk food for the ride. :X
It was a trip with my mum and aunts.

Stop point.

The van's interior. I was like seriously? So cool!

Crazy long queue leaving Malaysia. I queued for more than an hour at the Auto gate point. yep, the auto one. The one where you only need to scan your fingerprint to go through. 
Apparently, a bunch of old people, I think a few bunches was unable to pass through quickly, because they don't know how to use that machine, and no one bothered to teach them, and also probably their fingerprint faded, smoothed or wrinkled with old age. 

Reached at the hotel, finally!! WongNoy hotel.

I spotted Lays opposite the hotel. happy!
They have the best flavoured and cheapest Lays chips!

Outside the hotel.

The start of food hunting.

 Didn't shop much, or not at all.. I bought food and food only, no clothes nothing. :S

Every bowl every cup. Especially those cups and mugs!

Went to a restaurant called Jeffer. 
The waitresses English were really really bad, luckily my aunt can speak Thai, not super fluent but we managed through.

 Crazy spicy Tom Yam in Thailand.

Chocolate donuts! 
So cheap.. 12 baht.

 Look at how they sell their pens and highlighters. 
The colours, gosh. 

 They really have a lot of cute stuff there. Cute sweets cute decos.

Pez sweets! I never see it in Penang! It's a sweet dispenser. Really cute, countless variety of cartoons or people as the top part of it. Last I had it was in US. They probably have it at Toy R Us here, I think.

 Haribo!! If you love me, buy me Haribo! haha I regret not buying more!
The Haribo Worms and Haribo Goldbears are THE BEST.

And of course, Lays heaven. Every flavour is amazing. 
I wonder why only in Thai that they have so many flavours!

Took at tut tut to Tesco.

Tesco is a must go place in Hatyai!
The amount of cheap food we bought :O

crazy crowded.

got myself more Lays...

all the dried cuttlefish is the best!

 Back to the room to rest.

 at Lee Gardens Plaza where there's this place people sell their handcraft and designs.

 quite interesting!

 mini sushis!
I thought it was fake at first. lol.
Looks like those eraser sushis...

 Thai Desserts.

 At Lee Gardens hotel buffet. Roughly RM16 per person?
It was just very basic food but the tom yam was super good.
That was before we tried Jap food at a restaurant at the plaza. I would ate there twice!
I think the most troubling thing was that we wanted to eat so much food but there's just not enough meals for us to eat them all. hahahah

I shall end my post here now, previewed this post and seems like it's a bit too long. Gonna continue in the next!


AnnTan said...

wow! i know how great Hatyai is ! i always go there whenever the holiday starts (stayed at kedah so hatyai is like my second home haha)
but you're so much a great food shopper than me! i didn't know there was so many nice food over there!
i just noticed the clothes there hhaha

august liang said...

have u go songkla ? have alot sea food more cheap and delicious snack