Saturday, January 18, 2014

131130 Sushi Zanmai / Miam Miam

My sister wrote this blog post already:

It was a Saturday and I decided to bring my sis out for some food and shopping :) heh.

I like Rakuzen more but we decided to try the Sushi Zanmai at Paragon for the first time.
Don't think I will be going back again. lol. It's cheaper but really urm not so good..

I like this though..

This too.

but the rice was so so, chicken below was so so too.. 
Rakuzen best. I like Nippon Yataimura's teriyaki chicken too. haha

After some shopping, we wanted to try the Miam Miam French Toast- RM16.80. Overrated, overpriced, but it's nice. Just that as worth I guess. haha or maybe I'm just not a bread person, like no matter how good a piece of bread is, I really won't feel tempted. LOL

We also met Chuckei outside Brown Pocket. So I helped sis took a pic with her :D

obligatory selfie?

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