Friday, January 17, 2014

Dad! Where Are We Going? 爸爸去哪兒

I knew about the Korean version all these while.

China remade their own version of it and I initially heard about this because of Jimmy Lin (林志颖) and his little son, Kimi.

The first episode has been lying in my hard disk for so long then few days ago, I decided to watch it together with my mum. And we are hooked!
The kids are way too cute! Not to mention the fathers are really fun to watch as well.
Every parent had a different way of teaching and educating their kids.
Some parts made me really touched :'(
Especially when the children speak their mind without filtering their words, which is a good thing in fact.

I never watched any china shows, and this is seriously one of the best.
It features Tian Liang (former Olympic Champion Diver) with his daughter; Sean Zhang or Zhang Liang (China's top model, highest earning China model) with his son; Jimmy Lin and his son; and another China actor and producer with their kids.

Super cute, trust me, give it a go for the first episode and I bet you will like it.
But if you don't like kids.. then maybe not....

First episode with english subs here.

Only chinese subs here:

Haha Cindy(daughter of diver) with Tian Tian's father- the model.

Little Kimi!

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