Tuesday, January 21, 2014

December minis

I know you are thinking what kind of title is that. I don't know either, was cracking my head to think of an appropriate title for this. oh well. haha
It's just a blog post with all the tiny little things I got in December.

 cute christmas cards mum bought from Living Cabin. 

Dream catcher I bought from Taobao! It's like the one in The Heirs drama <3
And for some reason, I don't get bad dreams anymore since then, or maybe because I'm more relaxed already..

 fed up that my plastic card holder forever torn. bought this super cheap online for my employee tag card.

 bought a transparent case for mum. it works even with the cover closed.

 casing for myself. also transparent front. I wanted to buy the half transparent front as first, the one every actor/actress uses in korean dramas, but since I read a lot on my phone, a full transparent is better. 

and of course, it works with cover closed too. haha

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vyya said...

Can I know where did you buy the full transparent cover?