Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi City Pack - London

I have been posting quite a lot of pics of these shoes on Instagram, but I haven't shared it on my blog yet. 

I secretly think every pair of shoes of mine deserve a blog post. hahahha

I really like Tokyo's version as well! - the blue one!
If you can find one now, seriously go get it! I think although it's not exactly a pair of cheap shoes.. I think it's worth it!

I think it's kinda overpriced on the internet now since it's all sold out on the website...

This pair of shoes are my favourites now, it's super comfortable to the point where I always forget I'm wearing a wedge in there. Super awesome!
So lucky a friend wanted to help me get it in the US. 

I'm so gonna just buy air revs from now on. Since I wore it, every other shoe feels less comfy :S

 Love the details right!

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