Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo dump

Photo dump from the old Note 2. I noticed the vast improvements in Note 3 camera after looking back at my old photos. haha

You may skip this post if you have more important things to do, like saving the earth or something. haha. because honestly, this is really a photo dump. Pictures are all over the place. haha

I remember this day. It was rainy, super cold, so I wore the comfy fleece sweater to work :D

 On a day when I noticed that everything on my work table is black.

Went back to Inti on sister's errands and noticed this on the notice board. No idea who put it there without me knowing.. And obviously stolen from my facebook, because it's a picture of me eating buffet at Westin....... Don't judge, I did not choose a pic of me with food for this. lol. 

 Parkas! If only I live in a cold country...

 I tried carbonara everywhere, so I don't remember where is this from....

found my old phone. haha nostalgic.

 unhealthy food. this was from the day I had no time to go down to the cafeteria to eat. haha

uniqlo's mens jacket. it was on sale for RM60 only I think.. but mum was like where are you gonna wear it to? okay.. oh well..

 found my old drawings...
I can't draw. period. lol.

Cafeteria's chicken rice on Wednesday. Same day as Nasi Kandar. 
So I'm forever in Wednesday dilemma deciding which to eat.

pink nails!

swag kid I met at New York pizza

 Nandos on Aadila's birthday! :D

breakfast breakfast! 

I always thought that my lappie bag looks like a dinosaur egg...

Personally, I like all the hallways at Dell. lol. because it looks extremely long and neat with all the meeting rooms on both sides. 

hallway with cafeteria on the right. see I told you. long hallways.

 when sushi king changed their menu... and took away Garlic Rice.

boots day.

"We make the powerful easy to use"

saw this bag at F21. super cute!

 La Cremeria, why on earth did you discontinue your best flavour. Mocha mocha mocha!
I want it back! *cries

 pepero <3


this lady has all the shoes I ever wanted. seriously. 

 the day I realized I forgotten by converse in the box for a very long time, so I took it out and wore it to work.

 spaghetti at work, super large portion..

 denim shirts <3

 alright I remember where this carbonara is from. 
Precint 1. Bubblegurt cafe. Not too bad.

 bread at the cafeteria. I wonder if they can finish selling everything or not.. 

food again. lol just realized I have been taking so many pics of my cafeteria food.

 Century Bay.

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