Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We dug out some old toys to place our Tesco super heroes figurines for some pictures. haha and I think nothing is more amazing than the feeling of looking back at your old stuff. The memories. 


Polly Pockets time! 
These are classic, seriously. I saw people selling on ebay for quite high prices.
Can't believe they stopped producing these.

Showing off time now! :D
Some are mine, some are sister's, a few from cousins I believe.
Look at the two tiny pollys lying there. haha they can stand actually, place them into the round holes you see. the tree in the middle is movable. and also the house at the back, and the treasure trunk can be closed.

And yup, the best thing about polly pocket is that they can always be closed into something else. 

This was one of my first ones. So it's always special for me. The teddy bear in the gift box. super cute!

 This was my first one! the simplest!

Rose one, this looks really cute too!

This one's mine!!! <3 Polly pocket in a ring that can be opened.

and the present one, from the birthday gift one I showed earlier.

Although this wasn't the nicest, so glad I have this camera one.
You can put a battery inside and the flash will lights on when you press the top button!

wedding ceremony! and in the slot below, there should be something.. can't remember what is it..


Sister's too. haha so cute I cannot even!!

This one can be turned, pulled, and will become as below.

This was one of my favourites!!
used to put water in there, and if you can see a transparent thingy in the tub, that one produces bubbles!
Truly bubble bath! haha

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