Monday, January 06, 2014

Tricia Gosingtian Stylebook

So Wranglerph was giving out free copies of the Tricia Gosingtian stylebook by only tweeting them your denim inspired outfit.
Sister and I both got the book each.

I have been following Tricia for as long as I know. When she was still actively using her DeviantArt as Slumberdoll.
Way before she got popular on Instagram. haha

But for some reason, I liked her more back then.... 
Her fashion taste really changed, and maybe not really my style anymore. lol. 
Her outfits used to be really simple and chic/cool kinda type..... 
I still like her nevertheless!

Anyhow, here it is!
It arrived today and the DHL person was so freaking rudeeeeee! 
Why are all these courier people so grumpy! Like all the time!

I was having this talk with some of my friends the other day about how pretty people can do what they like, which is being pretty, taking ootds, doing makeup tutorials, and earn more than us who use our brains so much. Trying to impress everyone at work. Improve our business and finance acumen. Presentation skills...
So I guess I will have admit my fate and work hard. hahaha 
Speaking about that, my finals just passed today. *fingers crossed 
Need to do my project now. Presentation in 2 days. ughhh. 

Here's her blog: 

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