Saturday, January 11, 2014


The pics are probably irrelevant to what I'm typing here. 
But I don't care. hahaha

My mood is really really good, I guess. Apart from the fact that I cannot even tell how tired I am.
And I can't even open my mouth to say full sentences because halfway through I feel tired. 
Not even exaggerating loll. (this post is scheduled a day before, so I can probably talk now. hahaha)
I think my stress level hit the peak and now it's trying to get used to no-stress level.

Basically, regional conference is over.
The regional conference is sort of the final week that have the final exam, research project presentation for the semester. 
And the Semester 3 and 4s just left to US for the global conference. Can't wait till it's my turn!
I'm super super super tired after this whole week, having to balance between job and conference sessions is gosh, I don't know. 
Glad it's over now! :D

Now I can solely focus on my work which is a good thing!

Check out my tumblr btw, because I'm really liking the layout, template and everything. hehe

This really cute sweater is super warm. haha little red riding hood. 

Craving for tomyam right now.... It's on my after-exam-things-to-do list.

Sharing with you two dramas that I have been watching recently.

You Who Came From The Stars.
I didn't expect this show to be good at all initially, the story is unique.. I didn't like the main actress.. 
But as the show progresses, it's getting better! NICE!

Prime Minister and I.
Definitely watching this for Yoona's sake. And she did not disappoint, showing her good acting skills as usual. The story is kinda unique too, please watch! :) 

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