Monday, February 03, 2014

140110 Escape Adventure Park, Penang

Teambuilding day!
My first time at Escape. So much fun! 
I especially love everything to do with heights. haha but my stamina is as low as you can possibly imagine, gosh like seriously. such a pig. 

Flying Lemur is the best, it's flying fox actually, super awesome. 
Don't even know how to describe the feeling. It's a lot more longer than the one at Pulau Jerejak, so while "flying" in the air, I got to turn around, wave to my friends on the starting point, look at the scenery from high up. haha awesome!! 
I would go again if I can!

My second favourite is this one! Atan's leap. It's sort of like bungee jump but less scary? Because you go feet down, not head down. and also, you can feel the pull almost immediately after you jump. 
So many of them hesitated before jumping, haha because the scariest part according to them is when you have to lean forward and fall free. 

And after I came down, I realized that I didn't hesitate at all before falling forward. Which means, I should go try the real bungee jump, I want to! I want to try skydiving some day too! 

 Team 1!
With Lawrence and also China and India folks.

I don't have the group picture! Which reminds me, I gotta go get it from the others. 

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