Friday, February 21, 2014

140118 Morganfield's

First time at Morganfield's with family!

this have way too much fries.
not worth it.

Sticky Bones Half Slab Ribs. Ordered the big one to share. hmm I think it's good.. but not super good until I will crave it. lol

Sis and I

Did some shopping. Etude house buy 1 free 1. so got everything below for RM180.

Tried this for the first time, not bad, I think the collagen is working. I feel it. haha

Bought new contact lenses to try. - Monthly Playboy Color Contact Lenses. 2 for RM60 from Paris Miki.
It's wayyy natural than what I'm used to wear. Mum has been complaining my eyes looked too fake.
so yeah, been wearing this since then. 
I want to buy Freshkon's actually. but I heard the monthly one is super dry....... Any recommendations?

spot the playboy logo on the lens. ha!

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