Saturday, February 08, 2014

Flappy Bird High Score

Everyone either hates flappy bird or loves it, scratch that, I don't think anyone loves flappy bird. 
But at least it's got everyone talking about it. 
I first noticed it on twitter, but I didn't bother, until Caspar made a video about it *points below*

It got me curious. So I downloaded it, and firstly I went to 4, then 8 ->20 -> 23 -> 26 -> 63 in 3 days!!!!
LOL I didn't expect to go that far. 
I seem to play better when standing up. 

Few days ago, I went to Jenny's place as we have a CNY "celebration" thingy, they were all playing poker and games, I'm not a gambler myself so I started playing flappy. None of them know what is it, except Jenny, whom I let her played during lunch time and she almost refuse to give my phone back.

Soon enough, the virus spread. Everyone got pissed off after playing for the first time, unable to pass the first pillar. So all of them downloaded it. And eventually, they were shouting, yelling, cursing. hahah. For me, it was amusing, to see the sudden addiction.

I don't think I'm addicted. But it got funny, so I played more. 
At that time, no one was able to beat me. Until the next day, lunch time, I was told one of them hit 40.
That was when I wanted to win. HAHA. And tada, I got 63 that night. 

My aim is 100 now, those people that get 100, 200. I don't know how?! 

This game trains your ability to focus. Like seriously. FOCUS. *goes back to flappy bird. 

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