Saturday, March 22, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Sale

Went to the sale yesterday at Times Square! Finally!
They have books of all genre and it was super awesome. I died at Fiction and died again at Young Adult.

I have a very strong urge to go back again but I think I need to keep calm, because most of the time, I'm actually reading e-books on my phone. And at no cost.

But anyhow, after digging through so much books, literally, the amount of books there. gosh. I had my phone in one hand on the good reads app, struggling through tons of books trying to find the authors I want but to no avail.

I spotted Jodi Picoult's Lone Wolf and it was the last book left. I read all her books except this one and Sing You Home. Because I wasn't sure if I will like the wolf story but I bought it anyway at RM10. Since her books (this publish version) always have different fonts when different people are narrating. And that is something I don't get in e-books.

It was also a sweet surprise when I stumbled upon Holes and then stumbled upon Small Steps, the sequel.
I read Holes in high school, borrowed from the library, I remember that it was one of the best books I read at that time. So I thought why not buy it with the sequel and read it again! RM8 each only.

As for Mitch Albom, it was an impulse buy because RM10 and hard cover. I can't really resist it. Plus this book is one of the latest published ones, hopefully it's good. I also saw Dan Brown's Angel and Demons at RM10 hard cover. But I have that book already T_T 

As for the photographer's handbook, I flipped through and saw that they thought a lot of lighting skills, photoshop, camera settings. RM12. why not?! It's really hard to buy non-fiction at such a cheap price, and ebooks won't cover for this. so yeah. 

After typing this post, I feel like it's necessary to go again ahhhhh. howwwww. 

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