Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tumblr 123

*All pics are from tumblr.
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Decided to write a 1.2.3. post inspired by tumblr while tumblr-ing while watching drama. Yep, if I don't multi task, I feel like something is wrong. lol.

1. Stress
Today, we had an effective professional management training, one of the questions was: 'How do you feel at work most of the time?' After all of us were done clicking the poll, the results came out 100% for Stressed.
It is so very true. We all sorta laughed when the results appeared.

Especially for all of us in this program, slacking doesn't seem to be an option.
I will be moving into a new department this week. Can't believe it has been 7 months since I started on my first permanent job. I'm rotating into an accounting department. Technically, I'm in already. Just that I have not moved my stuff to my new cubicle yet.

I guess I will have to get used to all this moving around...

2. Lifehack
This site is just the best, hands down. I really like reading lifehack articles whenever I feel demotivated or tired of the day.

3. Travelling
Thanks to my job, I actually have quite the opportunity to travel to countries that I will never go to, if not for business trips.
There are still so many places I want to go.

I love the feeling of being in some place new. Taking photographs, editing them after, sharing them on my blog - though I told some of my friends that, sometimes I like to write what I want to write, instead of thinking about what others want to see. haha

4. You are my 3 AM thoughts.
— six word story

5. Koreans
I find it very annoying when people only think of plastic surgery whenever we talk about koreans. Yep, their plastic surgery technology is the best. But does it mean that everyone in their country is ugly? 
I can't stand it when people generalize.

Jayesslee are Koreans. Jenn Im is Korean. I don't see people saying they got surgery, yet they are so gorgeous? Just face it, there are pretty and beautiful people in every country, it just so happen most of the good looking ones went into entertainment business in Korea. And, Korean guys are tall so.... unless they elongate their bones or something.. they are born with it.

I can totally write an essay on this whole generalizing topic, but to keep it simple, I don't think all idols are natural. Some are, some are not. 
I admit the fact, but that doesn't make me dislike them, unless their surgery looks unnatural or they doesn't even look likeable to start with.. Hollywood stars, Hong Kong stars got surgery too, why criticize Koreans only?
(go google Yoona's pics when she was a kid - looks exactly the same <3)

And I will always think Koreans spend most effort in producing the nicest music videos, funniest original variety shows etc etc. 

On a funnier note, there are still people who think that Korean dramas = cancer and die. haha not sure which era you are living in, but okay.

6. Sisters
My sister is Anna, I'm Elsa. I insist. But just a few minutes ago, we came to a peaceful conclusion that she is Olaf.. And I'm still Elsa, okay? hehehe. 
I think we are the weirdest siblings ever, if you ever hear us talking to each other at home, you will know why. We talk about everything, inventing only words that we understand and being stupid all the time. Dork. 

I actually have more to write about, but I have a meeting to get into right now.
I kinda enjoy writing this. Maybe I'm gonna do it again some time soon, because tumblr always inspire me :)

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