Thursday, April 24, 2014


A little late birthday post, because I had a test on the next day after my birthday -.-
So it's very non-happening because basically I had class on the day itself and had to study.
Gosh, it was heck tiring. 

And today, I just had my semester 2 first case study with very good results! So glad it's all over now I can focus on my work solely. 

Anyhow, I had a simple lunch with a few close friends on Sunday. 
Didn't expect that there will be a cake though. :D
Didn't expect to celebrate it too, since I was so caught up with studying. 

I'm so old alreadyyyy

from Danny's camera.
surprised to meet Danny and his gf, Carmen too. Very nice peeps.

I ordered Carbonara at Lunarich. Love it but always so full after that.

Denise and I. all these pictures made me realize how badly I need a hair cut. Hair so heavy it literally looks so flat. Can someone tell me how to get the perfect fringe? I don't know deeeeee.

photobomb -.-

 How come my left dimple suddenly so obvious!

the girls <3

Carmen and Danny

here comes my pattern pattern pictures. 
Gonna go get a hair cut this weekend. Haven't decided if I should cut it short, seems like my hair grows like nobody's business. 

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