Friday, April 25, 2014

Dell Vostro 5470

Alright, so it took me a while, and I'm using this lappie for a month already.
Everything is perfect apart from the fact that Windows 8 still bugs me sometimes. haha

But the speed at which Win8 recognizes external devices impresses me all the time.

Initially I had some problems with the graphic drivers because I was constantly using Adobe Photoshop and it always crashes. Then only I realized that the settings wasn't right, after setting the driver to be high performance when I play Dota2 or use Photoshop, nothing goes wrong anymore. 

The screen is small though, but it wasn't a concern for me because I have my external monitor. Also Dell. So tempted to buy the 27inch oneee. Already supporting before I started working there. hahaha.

All in all, still satisfied. And it's the first time I buy a laptop with my own money. Feels good. :D 

Now, all I really want is to plan vacations. Waiting for sister to get done and over with her exams. If only she's free now, sigh, when her exams are over, my schedule is so tight. 

 it's only 1.5kg. 

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