Sunday, April 13, 2014


Here we go with some photo dump in March!
One week till my first test and I haven't gone into the study mode yet, finding excuses forever :(
I am also trying to forget the fact that there's one week till my birthday because I don't want to grow old T___T
Very often I feel like diploma/degree days went by way too fast and here I am in my early twenties trying to figure out my life.

Gurney Plaza; Max Gourmet's Fried Rice! Jjang! 

 and noodles I will probably never order because I don't like the weird combination or dry crunchy and wet soup. lolll

The Alley

Churros with sister :D

Cheesecake. I love the chocolate part....


RM10 Gel nails! During International Women Day, some manicurists were invited to Dell along with other random stores, and since it was so cheap, I got it done :D

Once in a while, you will see my scrambled eggs photos.... hehe

One of the biggest pink bag I own from Zara.

My RAWR sweatshirt from F21. :)

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