Saturday, May 03, 2014

140328 HuiYing's Birthday

I really very beh paiseh, dragged until now only start writing this blog post. haha
Time is passing by really really fast, on one hand I want it to slow down, on the other, I just can't wait till this program is over. 

Okay, cut the crap. 
Picture time! We went to Edo Ichi at Island Plaza for dinner. Pricey food but really good!

 look at the salmon haha awesomeness

 I love this salad too!

 needed another bowl of awesomeness.

Birthday girl and I

 my big teeth, I just can't -.- 

Yen Ni and I. Haven't met for a very very very long time.
Looking at this pic, I'm just glad I cut my hair short last weekend. haha

group picture!
It was so awkward, we stood there trying to take a good selfie, with all the waiters and waitresses staring at us. Then we decided we need their help, but the person just isn't a good photographer. hahaha

Anyways, Xunxian came and meet us after and all of us went to Straits Quay The Library for a drink. 
It's always happy times with them, non stop laughter. 
I think it's because of how different we are now and somehow still share the same memories from high school days, it makes all our catch-up sessions really interesting.


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