Thursday, May 15, 2014

Air Max 1 Silver Swoosh

So, I unexpectedly bought a pair of Air Max 1s at the Nike Clearance Sale on Tuesday.
I didn't expect to find this beauty at a clearance sale but it was a kinda good sale. Especially mens' shoes. Too bad the men sizes were like US8 and above :(

I actually ordered and paid for another pair of Air Max 1s before this, waiting for my friend to bring it back from the States. So I hesitated when I tried these, they look so prettyyyy. And it's only RM223. Cheap for a pair of shoes like these. 

I even googled when this pair was released. Haha, then I ended up going back to the store to get them. 
Been wearing these to work for two days already. Happy happy.
Though I'm lucky to leave office before the heavy rain pours, if not, I will definitely change into my emergency slippers to save my shoes. 
The crazy weather is also the reason that I haven't been wearing my Air Revolutions to work :/

Happy girl :D

 It's suede and has somewhat a little glitter in it. 
That silver swoosh :D

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Nick Chan said...

OMG... RM223 for Air Max is damn cheap wehhhhhh!!!!! Good for you have found a gem at the clearance!