Sunday, May 11, 2014

Random Photos

Quick random photo captions post. 

at Hai Boey.
Seafood with relatives.
But no seafood pictures. hahah

Selfie here, selfie there.

With Shin Dee and Feicui at The Wine Shop <3

The Korean Palace with mum.
Daorae is better!

Boring straight hair.

 Dell Business Challenge Cup.
Where college/uni were invited to send their best degree students to compete with other schools. 
I'm part of the recruiting team and also the school lead. It was fun organizing this :D

 The organizing team and school leads :D

Tada. the trophy.
If by any chance, you are interested with the Finance Development Program or Accounting Development Program, contact us. or contact me. I will direct you to the person in charge :)
Especially Inti students, come on Inti lol. Show some potentials. 

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