Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Go Girl: Don't Take Life Sitting Down Review

You must be thinking what is Go Girl, Don't Take Life Sitting Down??
To be honest, more than once I have wished for something like that, seriously.

Go Girl is a FUD, Female Urination Device.

Have you ever went hiking or camping and wanting to pee so bad but you can't because
1. it's really disgusting to squat in whatever bushes there is. hahaha
2. the public toilet is just eww, you get it.

Before I go into explaining how and where to use it, let me show you how it looks like.
Truth to be told, I was skeptical about GoGirl when I was asked to review it.
I thought it would be pretty awkward but it's actually kinda cool.

Firstly, it's packed in a palm sized tube (convenient!!)
I didn't expect that it could fit into such a small tube, but it's incredibly flexible.

 See how it fits into a tube. 
You may also use a ziploc bag to keep it if you want to.

 You probably guessed how to use it already. It comes with a bag and tissue. 

flexible max. loll

How do you use it?
there's a video in this link. 

I saw some of the reviews on the internet stating that their GoGirl did not fit properly causing leak.
No, I'm pretty sure they held it wrongly because look at the pic below. 
If you hold it the correct way, this thing will not fold up, it's actually leak proof.

Some people said that they needed some practice before being able to use it successfully.
Some of them were not used to peeing standing up.

But me being awesome and all, I tried it in the bathroom just now for the first time before I took a bathe, and I peed successfully without wetting myself. HAHA

Anyhow, you may refer to the instructions below, simple eh?

Why would you need this?

Super convenient for travelling and those that love to go outdoors, hiking, camping!
There's no need to squat and pee in the woods or wherever you are anymore.

Not only that, I wish I have this earlier because I have encountered way too many disgusting public toilets with dirty toilet bowls when I was travelling.
Imagine having this, you don't even need to squat or sit on them... sounds good?

You can also pee into a bottle if you want to. haha

And I'm going to India next month, what's this coincidence?! haha
Of course I'm not saying that I need this for my business trip but I know for sure I will bring this with me on my Taj Mahal trip.
The GoGirl website does not sell internationally, only sold in US and Canada.
But, lo and behold:
It's in Malaysia now!!

Acura Marketing Solutions managed to get the dealership and they are selling in the links below.

Did I mention that this is reusable!
Pretty worth it for the price honestly.

If you have any other questions.
Please go to the link below!

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