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140713 Bangalore, India - Trip to Mysore 1

Chapter 2

Yay! After a lot of hard work filtering out the photos I wanted to post, here we are at Chapter 2! 
Initially I wanted to dedicate only one post to the Mysore day trip but apparently this post is getting too long.
I tried previewing the page and it sort of lags the browser... so I had to cut it short and split it into another post. 

The Bangalore airport picture I didn't post before.

We started our day by meeting at the hotel lobby at 5.30am. Yep, you read it right. 
But it felt alright due to the time difference. 
I didn't know that it was the start of crazy all day honking and madness. 

This is the tour that we signed up for.

We got the hotel to prepare packed breakfast for us. Wish it was a better breakfast though :/ 
We had sandwiches, fruits and drinks inside. 

At Badami House. Where we paid for the tour and waited for the bus. 
I was a little cautious and afraid to be honest; it was my first time out on the streets literally. And a homeless man around the corner scared the shit outta me... :/

Oh, and that's an Auto. Pronounced as Ah-Tuk. 
I quote one of my peers: 'it's like sitting a roller coaster ride without a seat belt'.
And I experienced that on one of my last days there..

After a 3 hour journey (very bumpy and noisy with honks), we arrived at this place where we were supposed to take breakfast. But nope, neither of us did. I went to the washroom though.. No water to flush. oh well.. 

And there was this shop selling bags and my friends bought truckloads of them. I was thinking if I should? 
But I know I will never gonna use them, so even if they are cheap. Nah.

Trying to be all artistic with the flowers beside the road.

And it was a deserted place.

Our bus. 

tiny toys at the store.

Off we go with our journey, and these guys waved to us from their lorries.
It was the start of our so-called "popularity".
I will explain more later.

We first arrived at the Daria Daulat palace.
And it was raining. sucky :( 
Explains the not-so-pretty-sky in all my pictures.

And we paid 100Rs as the entrance fee. It's only 5Rs for the locals.
Photography wasn't allowed inside but basically, it's like an under-maintained small museum. 
There were clothes of the Tipu Sultan. yep tipu. lol. 
Weapons, artwork, drawings, furniture. 
The paintings on the wall are so different, and a lot of them has came off. 
Very unlike the Chinese paintings and carvings we see usually.  

I know they said no photography... haha

Group picture!
Next up, we visited the Sriranganatha Swamy Temple. 
It was a more crowded place, and people started staring at us.
We all became more careful of our belongings and my huge obvious camera. 
People started coming up to us to force-sell things, and it was annoying for me honestly. 
Eventually, I got used to it because everywhere we go, there's sure to be people like that and they just won't leave us alone. Oh, and beggars too. 

There were also people asking to take pictures with us or even worse, take pictures of us throughout the day.
Also, we got used to it, because it happens everywhere throughout the week wherever we go. Stares, pictures, beggars and forceful-selling. 

I was mourning my suede Air Max for a while.... when it started to rain.

Cute Yu Juin. Dancing in the horse poo area and stinks of horses and poo. 

Selfie in the bus while waiting for the entire tour peeps.

Ignore the spots in the picture. My camera got wet. No protection. Thank god nothing happened to it. 

So yep, this gorgeous beautiful building is a church. The inside of the church was beautiful. And again no photography allowed. And because it's a church, not an old museum palace, I respected that and did not take any pictures secretly. There was a secret tunnel that lead the way out behind the church, not sure what was it for, kinda creepy and cool at the same time. 

And they poo everywhere. To be honest, everywhere stinks. Dirty and dusty.
So my face got serious acne outburst after this day. Maybe it was just the air in India in general.
Dry and kinda dusty. It made my skin sensitive.

One of the nicer composition pictures I took I guess..

We did not go in the zoo, because have a look. The queue was so long and we already predicted that there would be more poo inside. lol lol.
The tour guide told us that he would bring us to a local market nearby if we didn't wanna go to the zoo. And he conned us. He brought us to a silk shop and lead us into a room. I walked out immediately because it felt like if we don't buy anything, we ain't gonna walk out alive. And that just shows how much they try to exploit tourists especially non-Indians. From a tour guide. Can you believe it.
Maybe because we look young, or maybe because we were the only Asians apart from the few China guys who went into the zoo.

A heads up, don't trust anyone. Nope, even if he's your tour guide. More tour guide stories to come. But yeah, don't trust them, no one. Even if they treat you like a boss or is super friendly to you. Because what happens is that all the time, they lie to you. LOL. Not even kidding, I will tell you an Ah-Tuk story in the next few posts. Tourist exploitation at its best.

Mcdonalds. How happy to be embraced by a fast food restaurant.
They brought us to a local lunch place and I spotted a McDonalds on the other side of the street. 
All of us were so happy and some of the other foreigners joined us except the Indians. 

The fast food there is not bad, of course, who are we kidding. McD is good everywhere.
We tried some special menus and we even takeaway for our dinner. Knowing that there's no way we gonna eat at the places they bring us. Heard it was super expensive Indian food. 
But, a downside is, the Wifi at McD doesn't work -__-
The plus side is, if you use your AMEX to purchase the double burger meals, you get a free Oreo Mcflurry. I KNOW RIGHT. hahaha. But, the thing was not all of us buy double burger meals but they gave the ice creams to us anyway. Why? Because they are especially nice to women.... uh huh.. it's that obvious. 

Oh, and it's like you don't see a lot of women on the streets or outdoors. 
There's actually more men than women in India based on some statistics I found on google. 

Mysore Palace.
Raining again. UGH. Luckily it stopped after that.
The palace was one of the nicest places that day. We spent a lot of time there taking photos.
Entrance fee was about 230Rs for foreigners.

You have no idea how precious this photo is. No photobombs!!
I was extremely annoyed by the photobombs all the time everywhere, which ruled out a lot of nice photos. sigh. Worse even, the photobombs always look into our camera. Like wth?!

That was the moment I realized I didn't bring my polarizing filter...
Which will definitely make all these scenery x1000 better.
Then I used my shades -__-

Typical tourist?

It looks really grand in real life.
so blue.

I was super tired already at that time....
Was wishing that we could go straight back to the Ritz from there onward. 
But the tour will end at 11.30pm, it felt never ending. 

One of the more satisfying picture.

The gate.

Cows chilling everywhere.

I hope this post is good enough. I will continue the rest of the trip in the next post! :)

As of now, good night!
Love the walls at the Ritz Carlton. *points below

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