Saturday, July 05, 2014

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner & Nike Air Max 1 Premium Purple Dynasty

Longest title ever. haha
Mad love Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner.
I'm telling you this thing is the bomb! I have seen so many magical videos and images online and finally got it from Nordstorm US. 
Scroll down below to see the shoes I cleaned. 

The cleaner set below is 16usd. Kinda worth it to be honest. 

My latest pair of shoes: Nike Air Max 1 Premium Purple Dynasty

Feel free to click here to see the google images, much cooler than the pic I took. hahah. 
I mad love this pair of shoes! It's more expensive on nike website than Nordstorm.
Norstorm was selling it for only 200USD before tax.  
So I got it from Nordstorm US and friend took it back for me. 
So unique but I haven't been wearing it to work much because the weather is so bad and if it rains, I'm screwed. 

I'm so glad I picked this pair, because of the colour and the suede leather texture. I was in quite a dilemma earlier but this pair is so perfect. 

And hereeeee. the shoes I cleaned with the shoe cleaner. The most satisfied one was my blue pair. It was still a little bit wet when I took the pic that's why there were stains.
Clean shoes FTW! :D
Not sure if people sell them here in Malaysia. Never seen it yet, but I think shoe retailers totally should!

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