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140713 Bangalore, India - Trip to Mysore 2

Chapter 3
Alright, continuing from the previous post. 
Still in Mysore...

We went up a hill to a temple but I didn't get down from the bus. Was too tired and worn out. 
View from the top. 

Outside the Illuminated Brindavan Gardens. 
It was an area out there, somewhat far from the entrance, but near the main parking place where all the buses stop. 

Actually, this was one of my favourite places that day. 
It looks like a dinosaur is gonna walk out anytime right!!!
I just cannot shake that whole Jurassic Park feeling. Loved this view.


Inside the gardens.
Not as pretty as we expect it to be.....

Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. So this is a dam. 
And my World War Z feels. Like zombies are gonna climb over that wall anytime. 
It looks really magnificent in real life. 
You would be wondering why an anti-horror person like me watched World War Z, I actually went to the movies without knowing what is it about...  so yeah..

View from the bridge where we cross over to the musical garden.

So the tour guide told us that this fountain thing is very beautiful, very nice and all. 
We arrived on time and waited for the show to start, but to be disappointed by it.
It was merely out of sync music and random shots of water. lol. the crowds were cheering, we were confused.
Then we left very quickly knowing all these people will cross the bridge together with us going back. 

I went and google, found the youtube video, apparently it's supposed to be so nice?!?!? Nope, it wasn't. 

Souvenir shop for woodwork and carvings.

 Silk place they brought us to.

And the McD royale chicken for dinner I tabao from lunch time. It was awesome.

And that marks the end of our Mysore trip. 


I was really tired but the hotel room gave me the best comfort ever. 
Have a look below. 
The best thing about business trips might just be having the whole room for yourself. hahaha.

Half of the bathroom, I just realized that I didn't take picture of the other half. LOL
Anyhow, I prefer Westin's bathroom. Bigger and with from the bathtub. 

Love the room! That huge bed, though I felt so insecure for the first few nights because it was so cold... 
I wish I can wake up to this kind of room everyday... how perfect. that automatic curtain and all. hahaha.

The amazing macaroon in my room. It tasted so good!

my working corner.
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comfy comfy. hehe. needs more time in the hotel.

the package waiting for us in all our rooms.

Necessities. so sweet of them.
then it was Day 1 of the Conference/ Development Summit.
First day meeting everyone!

Before heading out. Our FDP shirt for the team building session with the other Global FDPs.

 Name tag.

stealing pictures from the photographer. haha

Selfie with Xiao Wei from China. And the rest are the specs ladies from my previous pictures. Everyone ditched them specs. haha

Teambuilding session briefing. spot me? 

with Yu Juin

 So we had to create a launcher with specific requirements and criteria.
This is our launcher with my team!

The winner of our 'world', Sam representing. 

Had more sessions, networking dinner then end of first day~

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